Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Yesterday was a wonderful day.

I have been on an endless search for a leather jacket. I've already gone the affordable route once, buying a pleather piece (of sh-) from TopShop. I got a ton of compliments, but I felt like a Vietnamese summer roll every time I wore it. Encased in what felt like plastic. So I recently sold it, oddly the buyer at Buffalo Exchange was so enamored with it. But I was happy to part ways, determined to find a real leather jacket.
Inspired mostly by Kurt Cobain, but I can't seem the damn photo anywhere, and the 90's. 

After researching like a fiend I realized that I can't settle for something due to price, in order to be truly satisfied I would have to act like the baller that I am not. 
So I visited the ACNE store on Grand and Greene just to try it on, not to purchase yet.
I knew exactly the style I was looking for and the sales girl had to go to the back to get it, it wasn't on the floor. My insane research had paid off, just one more left in a size 36. I slipped it on and it was like falling love. After a mere 10 minutes I decided I couldn't possibly leave my new lover behind and purchased!

The excitement that ensued was like getting on a airplane to go on some exotic vacation. Seconds before the transaction I thought buyers remorse would set it, but it didn't and hasn't and I don't think it ever will. 
After dinner at that new place, Navy, on Sullivan St I headed home and awaiting my arrival were my Nike iD's that I ordered over a month ago!

So Christmas came early/late (depending on how you see it), and I've been totally spoiled. 

Other than these latest clothing developments, I recently saw Grand Budapest Hotel;
Out of this world set design and costumes. I want that grey astracán overcoat that Edward Norton wears. And also I laughed out loud a few time which doesn't happen all too often. Definitely a movie worth seeing in the theaters.

And finally, I really want to watch The Graduate again. I've only seen it once before and I found it stylish and sexy as well as entertaining. But I need to watch it again and this time I need to pay more attention to the technical aspects of the movie. 

 Till next time! x

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