Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sasha 2007

Title: I'm just drawn like that
Magazine: Numéro No. 86 September 2007
Model: Sasha Pivovarova
Photographer: Camilla Åkrans
Source: noirfacade

Wow. Sasha Pivovarova looks absolutely stunning in these photos. Recently whenever I see a photograph of her outside of events/shows/parties she looks too skinny with large black circles under her eyes, far from beautiful in my opinion. These photos remind me of what a phenomenal model she is (was). She looks elegant, sexy- breath taking. I wish I could look at this 3 year old issue of Numèro No. 86 in person. I find that fashion photographs are better experienced in a tangible state, rather than on a computer screen. Click on the source to look at them in a much larger resolution, there are also more photographs in the set. Enjoy...

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